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Compactor Sales for Waste Chutes

Canvent excels in the sale of compactors. Whether you're in Laval or beyond, enjoy our top-notch products at competitive prices.

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Supplier of compactors and waste containers in Laval

Industek Product

We are an industrial manufacturing company specializing in designing and producing equipment for waste recovery and management.

Additionally, we provide compactors and containers for industrial chutes manufactured by Industek.

  • Mini Stationary Compactor
  • Crafted to minimize waste collection frequency, this compactor is securely affixed beneath the waste chute, allowing only the compacting container to be relocated for emptying.
  • Engineered to deliver superior and consistent force, it prioritizes safety throughout.
  • Available with or without compaction capability
  • Suitable for front or rear loading
  • Equipped with a pull bar

Compactors store and remove waste efficiently.

Compactor sales Laval
Our services
  • Manufacture and installation of industrial chutes
  • Installation of waste chutes, recycling chutes, composting chutes, laundry chutes
  • Sale, installation and maintenance of loading doors for industrial chutes
  • Sales of waste and recycling compactors, containers with or without compaction and bins
  • Supply and installation of HVAC systems
3 good reasons to trust us
  • Over 60 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of waste chutes
  • Competitive rates
  • Excellent reputation
We Serve
  • Quebec

Our Clients and Partners in Compactor Sales

We serve diverse sectors by supplying compactors and containers for various chute types, including waste, recycling, composting, and laundry chutes.

Inform us of your compactor specifications, and we'll provide guidance and assistance in your selection process.

We operate in Laval and Quebec.

As suppliers of compactors, we pay attention to the requirements of customers in Laval and its vicinity.

Waste chute compactor Laval